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panorama of the pressing plant

At Mühlhoff we manufacture components for the automotive industry using state-of-the-art presses enabling us to carry out forming operations precisely, efficiently and with a minimum of material wear and tear. Our range of presses includes hydraulic presses with pressures of up to 3,200 kN and eccentric / servodirect presses with pressures of up to 13,000 kN. Thanks to these technological resources, we are also able to process high tensile steels up to a component size of 1,250 mm.

We mainly manufacture our products using a transfer and coil-coating process. It is also possible to combine the two processes on a number of presses and, in addition, rotate the parts freely within the press. Thus work pieces can always be placed in an optimal manufacturing position. Even complicated forming and cutting operations can always be carried out precisely and productively.

At Mühlhoff we process steel and rolled aluminium in thicknesses of 0.6 – 12.0 mm. Alongside the established qualities of deep-drawn parts, high tensile steels and tailored blanks are now being used more and more. In addition to our range of presses, our company also uses state-of-the art, robot-controlled welding equipment using a variety of technologies, enabling us to undertake complex welding operations.

We are able to offer our customers all types of surface treatment. These include KTL and powder-coating, galvanic zinc plating, hot dip galvanising and many more. Over and above this, we also add additional components to a variety of products to make them into ready-to-install modules.

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