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Our know-how extends to all types of bodywork components. At Mühlhoff we develop and manufacture products for both self-supporting vehicle bodies and safety-related parts. Our range includes cross members, reinforcements, brackets and safety belt and axle attachments.

At Mühlhoff we manufacture a variety of components for the engine and drive line. We develop such products as car wiring harnesses to attach external wiring, holders to secure electronic components and also engine and gearbox supports for cars and commercial vehicles.

In addition to this, for the past 25 years we have provided proof of our very special skills by developing and manufacturing drive plates for use between the torque converter and the gearbox. They are used when starting the engine and for power-torque transmission to the gearbox, thereby enhancing the way the engine works as a whole. They also balance out axial forces between the engine and the gearbox.

At Mühlhoff we work with our customers to develop and manufacture a wide variety of forming and welding devices for vehicle assembly. The devices we produce are used to attach sensitive components such as control units or pumps to the bodywork. Our assembly devices also perform other functions such as protecting these control units from damage, vibration or heat damage.


Matthias Stockmans

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