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The Mühlhoff Company goes back a long way. Its headquarters in Uedem date back to 1832 and today the company manufactures complex, formed components for the automotive industry. Our customers include virtually every well-known car manufacturer and supplier all over the world. Through working with us they have come to appreciate our great reliability and expertise and, of course, the friendly manner which goes without saying at Mühlhoff’s. At Mühlhoff’s we make bodywork and assembly parts as well as components for the engine and drive line. At our Uedem location we form cold steel and aluminium and every day more than 416 qualified employees using state-of-the-art forming and joining technology ensure that our components conform to the very highest quality standards with absolute precision.

Mühlhoff’s philosophy is based on the following principles:


We work in close partnership with our customers and for this reason we define our projects as joint projects with our customers. We are customer-satisfaction driven.


As experts in metal forming we jointly develop technical solutions for complex problems with our customers. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes! And we do this both as regards technical optimisation and locating potential for reducing costs in production in series.


Our customers are able to see exactly what we’re doing at every stage of the manufacturing process thanks to our professional approach to project management and our good relationship with them.


We are very much aware of our responsibilities towards people and nature. For this reason we make particularly high demands of ourselves, as far as safety at work and environmental protection are concerned. Our conformity to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 is not just on paper. This is how we work here!